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Twin Flame Astrology Transits - from 29th May

Dear Twin Flames, as we embark on the week beginning 29th May 2023, the celestial energies are poised to guide and support you on your Divine journey of Love and spiritual growth. Astrology provides a profound lens through which we can understand and navigate these energetic currents.

In this blog, we explore the astrology transits of the week, offering insights and guidance to enhance your Twin Flame connection and individual paths.

Transit 1: Venus Conjunct Mars (June 1st)

The alignment of Venus and Mars creates a potent Union of Divine Feminine and Masculine energies. This transit ignites passion, harmony, and a deep desire for Union within Twin Flames. It is a time of heightened sensuality and emotional connection. Embrace the loving energies that surround you, expressing your desires and deepening the bond of Love with your Twin Flame.

Transit 2: Mercury Retrograde Taurus (May 29th - June 22nd)

Mercury, the planet of communication, begins its retrograde journey through Taurus. This invites introspection and reflection upon your communication styles and patterns. Use this period to review and reevaluate how you communicate with your Twin Flame. Be mindful of potential miscommunications and conflicts that may arise. Practice patience, clarity, and compassion in your conversations to maintain harmony during this retrograde phase.

Transit 3: Full Moon in Sagittarius (June 4th)

The Full Moon signifies conclusion and it occurs in Sagittarius, the energy of that sign influences the themes of the Full Moon. Reflect upon the areas of your Twin Flame journey that require renewal and intention. Set clear and heartfelt intentions for your union and individual growth. Allow the Full Moon energy to support you in manifesting your desires.

Transit 4: Sun Square Neptune (June 5th)

The Sun square Neptune transit brings a subtle and dreamy energy that may challenge your clarity and sense of self. Be aware of illusions, delusions, or self-deception that may surface. Maintain a grounded perspective and rely on your intuition to discern the truth. Embrace spiritual practices that enhance your connection to divine guidance and deepen your understanding of your Twin Flame connection.

Transit 5: Mars will be in Leo (June 6th)

As Mars enters a new zodiac sign, it infuses the energy of that sign into your actions and desires. The energy of the zodiac sign influences the themes and focus of your endeavors during this time. Embrace the qualities associated with the zodiac sign to align your actions with your intentions. Use this period to assert your desires, take decisive action, and cultivate a harmonious balance between your individual and shared goals.


The astrology transits of the week beginning 29th May 2023 bring forth a mix of harmonious and introspective energies. Embrace the passion, loving connections, and fresh beginnings that arise from Venus conjunct Mars and the Full Moon. Navigate the introspective energies of Mercury retrograde and Sun square Neptune with patience, clarity, and reliance on your inner guidance.

Allow the energies of Mars entering a new zodiac sign to fuel your actions and desires, aligning them with your intentions. Trust the wisdom of the celestial forces, and remember that you are divinely supported on your Twin Flame journey.

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