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Twin Flame Blog: The Power of 'The Decision'

The Power of 'The Decision'

When it comes to profound and soul-deep connections, few concepts evoke as much curiosity and intrigue as the Twin Flame journey. Twin Flames are two souls created only for each other and destined to unite in a unique and transformative partnership.

The Twin Flame journey is an odyssey of self-discovery, growth, and unconditional love. It is the path of Ascension with your beloved. Beautifully detailed in their book "Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover" by Jeff and Shaleia, the journey begins with a pivotal stage known as "The Decision," a catalyst that sets the entire journey in motion. In this blog, we will explore the essence of "The Decision" and its significance in the context of the Twin Flame journey.

Understanding Twin Flames

Twin Flames are two souls made from the same soul blueprint. Long ago, through the power of free will and the belief in separation from Love, these two souls made many choices that did not align with Love.

This led to their separation and the perpetuation of the belief in separation consciousness. Separation consciousness is the belief that you can be separated from the Divine Creator who made you. And that the fear stemming from this separation is real. In fact, you can never be separated from Love because you are made from the fabric of Love. So separation consciousness is really just a mass delusion of pain and suffering. We usually call this ‘hell.’

Our every day lives are actually built on this paradigm of hell which is why we see so much misery, unhappiness and lack of fulfilment out there in the world and in our own realities. So if ‘hell’ is really just a belief system, then can we crack it? Yes, definitely.

That’s where Jeff and Shaleia’s ground-breaking book comes in. To leave ‘hell’ we must realise first of all that we’re in it. And in current times, that awakening is arriving in the form of the Twin Flame journey.

Bye Bye Relationship Hell

Your Twin Flame is the person created just for you at the same time as you. Very much like Adam and Eve. Your Twin Flame is your most perfect match in every single way. They’re really the person you’ve been longing for your whole life but never found. They’re the reason none of your romantic relationships were successful. Yes really!

Your heart is programmed to know your Twin Flame, because they are literally you. No one else will ever do, because that would be settling. And anyway, we all have a Twin Flame so what’s the point in being with someone else’s if you know they have a perfect match of their own! Why would you want to be the one they settled for?

Coming back together with All of yourself by being with your Twin Flame, is a journey that involves healing your relationship with Love Itself. To do that you’ll need to release all beliefs you have invested in that keep you in fear and attachment to the idea that you are not fully loveable. This is what we call the Twin Flame journey.

Twin Flames are the ‘Top’ of romantic relationships because no other can truly every be with you as deeply and as intimately as your Twin Flame. You share an intense spiritual, emotional, and physical connection, transcending the boundaries of time and space. It's important to note that the Twin Flame journey is not just about romantic love, but a profound spiritual bond that has the potential to bring about deep transformation. This is the journey of Ascension; the end of suffering.

The Decision: A Catalyst for Change

Jeff and Shaleia, through their Teachings of Union, also in their book, that, ‘The Decision’ is the first stage of the Twin Flame journey.

This is the moment when you consciously choose to commit to being only with your true Twin Flame and no other. It happens when you realise no other relationship will ever fulfill you in the way your Twin Flame can and you accept that you have chosen ‘perfection’ in romantic relationship.

You don’t need to have met your Twin Flame to make this decision, although you might have. But there will be an inner awareness that, based on life experience, you are complete with the old romantic template that the world offers up. Congratulations!

Now you are on your way to a destination that is filled with joy and deep inner peace. No more settling for less. No more fear.

The Significance of The Decision

‘The Decision’ is not just about committing to your Twin Flame; it's about committing to yourself and your own personal growth. Ultimately it’s about committing to what you were created to receive, Divine Love.

Once the decision is made, it serves as a springboard for you to begin a journey of self-discovery and self-love. It's a process of uncovering deep-seated emotional wounds, fears, and limiting beliefs that prevent all of your desires being made manifest.. By identifying and acknowledging these fears and committing to healing, you can pave the way for a healthier and more fulfilling Divine life, both individually and eventually for you and your Twin Flame in Union.

You heal as One because you are One at the core of your being.

Challenges and Growth

While ‘The Decision’ is a pivotal step, it's important to acknowledge that the Twin Flame journey is not all smooth sailing. Challenges are an integral part of the journey, as they provide opportunities for growth and transformation. Jeff and Shaleia emphasize that these challenges often arise to shed light on unresolved issues and to facilitate healing at a deeper level. The journey involves a constant process of shedding old layers, facing fears, and aligning with your true Divine self.


‘The Decision’ marks the beginning of an awe-inspiring journey of self-discovery, transformation, and unconditional love. In Jeff and Shaleia's book "Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover," this stage is a catalyst that propels you on a journey of profound growth and connection. The Twin Flame journey is not for the faint of heart; it requires courage, commitment, and a deep desire for personal and spiritual evolution. As you make ‘The Decision’ to begin this journey, you set the stage for a transformative odyssey that has the potential to shape both of your lives in ways you will have never imagined possible.

If you are ready to made the 'Decision' to be with your Twin Flame, then you're in the right place. Why not connect with me in an Introductory Coaching Session and I will help you claim all that you were created to have and to be and we can get to work identifying the blocks and clearing them away.

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Congratulations on your choice to align with Divine Love and to have a perfect life of Love! You deserve it.

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