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Are Twin Flames Extremely Rare?

Are Twin Flames Extremely Rare?

If it’s True Love you’re looking for, few topics captivate the imagination quite like that of Twin Flames. With so much information out there that speaks of a profound mystical connection that transcends time and space, how can you know what’s true or false? Are Twin Flames truly as rare as they are often believed to be?

Let's explore this heart-felt topic to see what are myths and what are facts.

Defining Twin Flames

Twin Flames are two souls sharing the same soul DNA. They are created for each other to embody Divine Love, True Love. As they are created for each other, they are also a perfect match, complementing each other perfectly.

Twin Flames share one consciousness which means they share the same blocks to Love. This gives Twin Flames the unique experience of sharing an unbreakable connection that only grow closer and deepens as you do you inner work. Loving yourself is deeply magnetising to your Twin Flame.

Rare or Not?

There is a belief that Twin Flames are rare because not everyone is going through the experience of awakening to the Twin Flame journey. But this is not the whole story.

Twin Flames are Divine Counterparts created together for each other. They are meant to experience Divine Love embodied in one another. That’s the whole reason for their creation. Everyone is a Divine Child of God, therefore, everyone was created with their very own Twin Flame. Think about it, a loving Creator actually loves.

Only the illusion teaches that Twin Flames are only for a “special” few. In Divine truth, Twin Flames are for everyone.

So if everyone is a Divine Child of God, are some of us “special”? And the answer is, no. We are all equally Divine and all equally loved by our Creator. We are all meant to experience Divine Love with our beloved Twin Flame.

And lastly, why then have only a few amongst so many, met their Twin Flame? Well the answer is that many may have already met their Twin Flames but have not yet become aware of it. Some are in a relationship or marriage with their Twin Flame already, but if they wish to deepen their connection, they will need to heal the blocks. Some have not yet met their Twin Flames and this is because they are not yet ready to. Each one of us is making choices which is creating our reality. Their time will come.

And for some of us, we’ve already made the choice to have True Love and so we find ourselves on the Twin Flame journey. Your Twin Flame was there all along, you just had to be ready to choose them.


Everyone has a Twin Flame whether they realise it yet or not. If you have met yours, then you are on a profound spiritual journey which will leave your whole life changed for the better. Prepare yourself for immense spiritual growth and transformation. Union can be yours in this lifetime if you commit and invest in yourself.

The best place to begin is with the Teachings of Union at You will also benefit greatly from working with a Certified Ascension Coach who can help you find all the blocks keeping your Union away. Let you journey be fun and easy. I’d love to help you.

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