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Union with your Twin Flame manifests when you heal your upsets and blocks to love that are held within your consciousness. As an Ascension Coach, certified by Twin Flames Universe, my job is to help you find all of the blocks and guide you back into alignment with love, so that you can heal quickly and compassionately.

All of my coaching skills and understanding of the Twin Flame journey I bring to my clients, is entirely owing to the profound and sacred teaching of my gurus and spiritual teachers Jeff and Shaleia. If it were not for them, I would still be lost. 

As a first step, I highly recommend investing in the "Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover" book available on Amazon, as I will be using the Mirror Exercise healing tool explained in the book in the coaching sessions.

As you go deeper into your healing, and to make the most of our coaching relationship, I encourage you to explore Jeff and Shaleia's vast body of work available at where your heart will be nourished and rejuvenated. Jeff and Shaleia have already provided for us 'The Way' into our own Harmonious Union. If you desire to 'fast track' into your own Union, then purchasing a membership to Twin Flame Ascension School and/or Life Purpose Class at TwinFlamesUniverse will help you purify your consciousness very swiftly indeed. When you begin coaching, I highly recommend for you to commit to actively working through blocks to investing in Twin Flames Universe products.


**If you include my name, as your referring Ascension Coach on the form when you purchase Twin Flames Universe products, as an incentive, I offer a free gift! Message me if you would like to know more!

If you would like to explore Ascension Coaching with me to see if we are a good match, I invite you to book the Introductory Session below. 

Your Union is safe. Only Love is Real and Love Never Fails. I look forward to working with you!

Terms & Conditions

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Introductory Coaching Session
One-to-one (30 mins)
Now 50% OFF at only US$27.50!

50% off when you book your session and  

sign up here for the Twin Flame Test. 

Are you new to the Twin Flame journey? Or perhaps you would just like to know how an Ascension Coach can help you to heal the blocks to your Union.

I look forward to meeting you in this Introductory Session, where I will help you to heal and choose the next steps on your journey to Harmonious Union! 

Sessions held online via Zoom. 

Terms & Conditions

1 x Coaching Session
One-to-one (1 hr) US$95

Allow yourself to be guided, in a loving and compassionate way, to discover and heal ALL

the blocks to your Harmonious Union with

your Twin Flame.


You're meant to live life together. Healing can be fun and easy, let me show you how!

Sessions held online via Zoom. 

Terms & Conditions

4 x Coaching Sessions
One-to-one (1 hr each) US$280

Commitment is important on your Twin Flame journey as you and your Twin Flame are healing together, whether you can see it or not!


Investing into loving yourself and healing is how to manifest your Union. Claim this package and 'fast track' your Harmonious Union.

Sessions held online via Zoom. 

Terms & Conditions

Select redeem package and add your Code.

Weekly Group Coaching
(1 hr 30 mins per week)
US$99 monthly subscription

Mondays at 3pm EST (US)
8pm BST (UK)

Unions count as one booking! 

Join with others on the Twin Flame journey and heal together every week. We heal together as One. You don't have to do this journey alone!

Sessions held online via Zoom. 

Terms & Conditions

The zoom link will be sent to you via email once your payment has been processed.

Weekly Coaching
One-to-one (1 hr per week)
US$250 monthly subscription


Establishing a steady and compassionate pace in your healing helps you make progress each week.

This recurring monthly payment plan, offers you convenience and peace of mind, knowing you are receiving all the support you need at a regular reserved time each week!

Sessions held online via Zoom. 

Terms & Conditions

Bi-Weekly Coaching
One-to-one (1 hr every 2 wks)

US$120 subscription paid every 4 weeks

Maintaining the momentum of your healing is important to your sense of wellbeing.

This bi-weekly coaching package is a convenient recurring 4 weekly payment plan. You can also reserve your coaching slot so that you know you are receiving all the support you need at a regular time.

Sessions held online via Zoom. 

Terms & Conditions

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