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Twin Flame Astrology Transit - from 24th April

For the Twin Flame collective, this week's astrology indicates a time of deep emotional connection and romance. The energy of Venus in Taurus will continue to bring feelings of stability, sensuality, and harmony to your relationship. This is a time to appreciate the simple pleasures of life, enjoy each other's company, and deepen your bond. If you are not yet together, you can experience this deepening by being present with your feelings and lovingly connecting with yourself. Afterall, you are One.

On Tuesday, the Full Moon in Scorpio will bring intense emotions to the surface. This may be a time of letting go of old patterns and healing wounds to make room for greater intimacy and trust. You may feel a powerful urge to be with your Twin Flame on a soul level. Take this opportunity to connect with the Source of Love in your heart and notice how you feel as you surrender and relax into Divine Love.

The energy of Mercury in Taurus will bring clear communication and practical planning to your romantic endeavors. This is a good time to have honest conversations about your goals and desires for the future. You will always find that you have a shared vision for your relationship that brings you even closer together. Twin Flames naturally share core values and Life Purpose.

Overall, this week's astrology is favorable for deepening your connection with your Twin Flame and taking practical steps towards a more fulfilling and harmonious relationship. Trust in the power of Love and stay open to the magic of the Universe. Love Itself is responding to your every desire.

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