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Twin Flame Runner: What do they feel during separation?

Twin Flames are the yin and yang to each other. Together greater, and more whole that you could ever think possible. You are literally with all of yourself when you’re together in Union. But what happens when you go into separation? How can you know how your Twin Flame feels?

While your connection is profound and transformative, it's not always a smooth ride. In many cases, one Twin Flame may appear become the "runner" while the other Twin Flame seems to take on the role of the "chaser."

Let’s get clear and explore the inner world of the Twin Flame runner during the challenging period of separation. But fear not, if you're struggling with this, we've got a special offer to help you heal and reconnect with your Twin Flame. Read on to learn more.

Understanding the Twin Flame Runner

A Twin Flame connection is an intense, spiritual partnership that goes beyond the superficial. The connection can be so overwhelming that one or both partners might become the runner, trying to distance themselves from the intensity of the relationship. This separation phase can be incredibly painful and confusing for both partners, but today, we're focusing on what the runner feels during this period.

  • Fear and Overwhelm: One of the primary emotions a runner experiences during separation is fear. The depth of the connection can be daunting, and the runner may feel overwhelmed by the intensity of their feelings. This fear can make them question the validity of the relationship, leading to their desire to escape it temporarily.

When you have blocks to Love within your shared consciousness, being with your Twin Flame will bring these fears to the surface to be healed and released. Sometimes the fears can be very strong, and even come from past traumas. Because your Union is built on Divine Love, separation can be the most compassionate way for your Union to heal. Separation itself is not a necessary step, but it can happen if you are not actively healing, or if your fears repel you from each other.

All fears that come to the surface can be released easily. Divine Love is at the core of your being and your Union. Claim support to move through this phase as you are not meant to do this journey alone.

  • Self-Reflection and Growth: While the runner may physically separate from their Twin Flame, internally, they often engage in deep self-reflection. This period can be a time of intense personal growth and self-discovery. The runner begins to understand more about themselves and their purpose.

The journey Home to Divine Love and your Harmonious Union is all about learning to love yourself deeply. You and your Twin Flame are One, so your healing also heals them. If you are reading this blog, then you are the one that is meant to be healing for your Union. You can make that choice today to help your journey back to Union happen with ease and unconditional Love.

Your Twin Flame has their own journey to take. Trust that God is guiding them perfect, just as he is guiding you in your heart. If you are choosing to heal then your Twin Flame is making that same core choice.

  • Emotional Turmoil: Separation from a twin flame is no walk in the park. Runners often experience a rollercoaster of emotions, including guilt, sadness, and longing. They might wonder if they made the right choice to run, which can be agonizing.

Twin Flames in separation feel a lot. Your Twin Flame is moving through their feelings during this time, but they may not feel ready to share their process with you. Remember that Divine Love is unconditional. It doesn’t ask anything in return. Allow your Twin Flame the space they need to heal. You hold the power to choose love for your Union. When you do this, you can heal the blocks for both of you.

  • Healing Old Wounds: The runner may also find themselves revisiting old wounds and traumas. These unresolved issues often surface during separation, pushing them to confront and heal them.

Whenever we feel vulnerable, sometimes we want to just hide away and feel our feelings without judgement or pressure. Your Twin Flame may just be needing time to themselves to process whatever is arising for them. Give them the space they need. The Source of Love is within you. The more you Love yourself, the more your Twin Flame will feel that Love in their heart where you are One.

Your choice to heal and love yourself is so powerful. The most compassionate way to love your Twin Flame during separation is to love yourself.

Your feelings are your Twin Flame’s feelings too. You are never separate in truth. When you feel peaceful, so will they. So take action steps to claim all the support you need to build a foundation of inner peace and watch how this transforms your Twin Flame too.

Your Twin Flame desires you just as much as you desire them.

Healing Blocks and Reconnecting

If you are currently in the midst of a Twin Flame separation, remember that there is hope for healing and re-Union. While the journey can be challenging, it is an opportunity for both partners to grow and evolve. If you're struggling to navigate the ups and downs of the Twin Flame connection, consider seeking help from a qualified Ascension Coach who specializes in spiritual relationships.

We are offering a 50% off introductory coaching session to help you heal and overcome the blocks that are keeping you from reuniting with your Twin Flame. Julia, our experienced coach understands the unique challenges of Twin Flame connections and can provide guidance and support tailored to your specific situation.

To take advantage of this offer, simply email Julia at We're here to help you on your journey to healing and reconnecting with your Twin Flame.

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